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Our performing experience began by competing in the many music festivals around Nth Qld, both together & individually. We entered as many categories as we could, and were sometimes lucky enough to pick up awards, and in 1994 even made it as far as the Champion of Champions in Townsville.

We were encouraged enough to put together a 4-piece country band. We called it Carr's Country. Our other band members were Graham Presho on guitar & accordion & Brad's younger brother Darren on drums. We quickly discovered that the main club & hotel venues around the area didn't have a lot of room for a 4-piece band. They were mainly employing solo artists or duos. It was a dilemma. The decision to go it alone took some planning. We both had day jobs and at that time our dream of becoming a self-supporting music business was just that! A dream for our future. We made our first tentative step toward our dream by Brad leaving the daily grind to concentrate on compiling a good extensive repertoire, while I continued with my day job....which I loved!

Still using the Carr's Country name, we found regular work almost immediately. Soon we were confident enough to take the plunge and turn professional. At this time we were lucky to be offered regular work in an Australiana-style show at a local tourist venue. The experience was invaluable and we loved it so much that we stayed for 2 years!

After leaving this comfort zone and changing our name to CARRIZMA, we took any work that was offered. Carr's Country is still used as our business name. We didn't want to give the impression by our business name that we only performed country music. This change opened more doors for us. We were now free to explore different music styles.

Here in Cairns , we are lucky to have some great clubs to work in. We have even been so lucky to be able to be the supporting act for Gerry & The Pacemakers when they performed in Cairns …fantastic night!

We also perform for the passengers of the Cruise Liners that visit Cairns.

Over the past 18 years spent in this industry, our following has steadily grown. Some of these people are dedicated dancers (who add so much to the ambience of a club) and we gradually learnt some of their special songs for dances. This encouraged others to join in with them. Such a fun atmosphere! We call them fun dances. We now hold our own dances, making sure we hire a large venue with heaps of dance space, they are proving to be very popular and heaps of fun! We also use these dances to raise money for the Renal Unit at the Cairns Base Hospital.

In the beginning, some concerned people told us to forget our dream and stick to ‘real' jobs. This only made us more determined to succeed. It hasn't always been easy, but the hard times have been worth it for us to appreciate this wonderful life of music that we now have. Our love of performing, and the delight of making people happy, hasn't diminished with passing time

We don't know what the future will bring or what opportunities will come our way, but rest assured that if it has anything to do with music…we'll be there!

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Hi There! Welcome to our world of music!

We should probably start with a bit of background information as to who we are, what we do and how we arrived at this amazing time in our lives.

We are Brad & Sandra Carr (husband & wife) performing as the duo CARRIZMA. Our home is in Cairns , Nth Queensland , Australia and it is mainly in this beautiful tropical region that we perform.

Brad - (Australian born - Aries) vocalist - 12-string rhythm guitar, songwriter, music director/producer/engineer, bassist, drummer & business manager Hobbies - anything artistic, meteorology, listening to good music, dining out!

Sandra - (UK/Australian - Taurean) vocalist - both lead and backing, bassist, percussionist, songwriter, office manager, coffee maker... Hobbies - reading, music research, craft, listening to good music, dining out!

Our repertoire is a wide eclectic mix of cover songs - country, rock'n'roll, easy listening & Australiana, together with our own songs. Our general rule is to play to the audience of the moment and try not to 'pigeon hole' ourselves into a particular genre. The blending of our voices, with harmonies, are very important to us, with our love of performers such as the Everly Brothers, Eagles, Crosby Stills & Nash guiding us.

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